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Latest Projects

GTA V - RageMP Server Development

2020 - Current


An online multiplayer project based on Rockstar Games' 2013 GTA V title. Using a multiplayer modification called "Rage MP" some colleagues of mine and I started the development of our own game server. The idea was to create a "Roleplay" server in which users could interact with each other in a real-life simulated environment. Allowing them to pursue dreams and act in the role of a fictional character. The development involved creating additional scripts to develop a unique "Gamemode" allowing the end-user to play as a fictional character in a created city economy/infrastructure. This involved the development of banking systems, vehicle systems, chat and voice systems, housing systems, inventory systems, faction development, character creation/customization systems, and much more. The base game GTA V, even though it is a modern and very well-developed game, only provided us a base on which we were to build our gamemode. This project required intensive front and backend development in languages such as NodeJS, C#, C++, HTML 5, CSS and also required the use of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and implementation of several 3D objects.


  • June-2020 3 Linux Servers have been rented and configured to run "RageMP", webservers, and project management tools such as "Taiga" and "GitLab".

  • February-2021: Most integral systems have been developed including a health system, voice chat, gas stations, interactions, inventory systems, payment and banking systems, shop systems, factions, administrative controls, HUD, notification systems, and vehicle systems.

  • March-July-2021: Further development and testing of systems, as well as the integration of custom 3D objects and vehicles.

  • August-2021: Final refinements of banking systmes.

  • December-2021: Project halted due to time constraints.

My Role:

As Project Co-Founder my roles ranged from software development and server maintenance to team and project management.

In my role as Co-Founder, I set up meetings, searched for team members and evaluated their development skills, managed financing, and completed administrative work. Furthermore, my role as a Software Developer required me to do some server maintenance, database management as well as front-end development with backend integration in NodeJS, HTML5, and CSS. Some of the frontend development also required me to use tools such as Adobe Illustrator to create SVG's and Photoshop for some light image editing for the web forum.

Learning outcomes:

This was my first project working closely with two other peer software developers. It was a great learning experience and the first major development project I have partaken in.

Spending my nights on Discord (a communication platform) talking to my peers while developing this gamemode has brought me much joy and experience so far. It was a great work environment and taught me about the complexities of game development. This is also the first time that I had taken a business interest in one of my projects, I started looking into trademark registration and learned more about data protection laws such as the GDPR and how to best comply with the different laws to protect ourselves. I also looked into contractual agreements between external software developers we considered taking onto the team. Since protecting our work was very important to us, having had issues in the past, I informed myself about non-disclosure agreements and copyright laws. This project was a great stepping stone in my personal and professional development as it highlighted the difficulties of developing a project and protecting it.

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BY20XX.COM - Vue.js App for Creating & Sharing Goals

February 2023


A simple web app created using Vue.js, I created this App out of desire to learn more about new technologies including frameworks such as Vue3 and database technologies such as Google's Firebase Firestore and to add some code to my GitHub Profile. The App uses Firebase SDK 9 and is deployed on Nginx with Cloudflare using strict SSL encryption. Creating this app was fun, and I will continue to update it, I am sure there are more features and future concerns to address, my hope is that by posting the source code on GitHub I will receive some useful feedback and hopefully provide useful code to people new to Vue3 and Firebase SDK9.

The App was inspired by a website I love called hastebin. Hastebin allows users to write and share code without providing any login information. Simply write and share.

BY20XX works the same way allowing users to create goals, assign a completion year and share the goal (along with some additional features).


  • Create goal.

  • Add password to goal (encrypted using bcrypt.js).

  • Save goal with unique shareable URL.

  • Unlock saved goal with password for editting.

  • Mark goals as completed.

  • Delete and recover goals.

NewzComp Company Limited

2020 - 2022


  • Created December 2020 to combat modern media bias.

  • Targeted towards English-speaking demographics with a younger audience in mind.

  • Uses comparative reporting from a wide array of left, right, and center sources.

  • Informs readers on different types of biases and highlights as well as explains any found bias in reported articles.


  • April-2021: NewzComp has been welcomed to City University of London's accelerated start-up program.

  • May-2021: NewzComp has entered City Universities' "City-Spark" Start-Up competition as Semi-Finalists.

  • July-2021: NewzComp received its first Grant totaling £5,000 from Santander Bank in partnership with City Launch Lab.

  • September-2021: NewzComp reached 500 followers on Instagram.

My Role:

As Project Manager, and Founder at NewzComp, my roles were very diverse.

In my role as the Project Manager I set up meetings, recruited team members, filed grant applications, managed financing, and did administrative work. I also took on a role as editor, which required me to proofread and correct news stories vigorously as well as help improve the Reporter-teams writing. Besides my role in reporting, I also helped the Design and Marketing team with campaigns, by working on videos, coming up with event ideas, and doing some light editing with Adobe creative tools. Finally, as a Software Engineer, I worked on front and backend development for the NewzComp website. Most notably working on the Administrative interface, allowing administrators to monitor web traffic and user statistics.

Learning outcomes:

The most impactful change that occurred due to this project is my ability to lead and manage a team of my peers.

In the past I have worked on several projects however, NewzComp put my experience to the test. Working with my friends, I have learned a lot about myself and what it takes to be a good and respectful leader. I am happy to have worked in such an accepting, well-structured, and respectful environment, where no one has to feel lesser or not heard. Our modern communication methods with Discord and WhatsApp have allowed us to quickly and effectively set up meetings and communicate necessary changes for NewzComp. I speak for the entire team when I say we have all grown and learned quite a lot working at NewzComp.

To learn more about my journey to NewzComp, click the button below.

TASIS - NewzComp

GTA San Andreas - Multi Theft Auto Server Development

2016 - 2020


An online multiplayer project based on Rockstar Games' 2004 GTA San Andreas title. Using a multiplayer modification called "Multi Theft Auto" some colleagues of mine and I took over the development of an existing German gameserver. The server was a "real-life" server allowing players to interact with each other in a real-life simulated environment without the constraints and realistic rules to follow in a "roleplay" server. This allows users to pursue dreams and act in the role of a fictional character. In a "real-life" server users have more freedom, allowing them to switch roles in a matter of hours or days, whereas a "roleplay" environment requires you to traditionally stick with the character you have developed and maintain a realistic fictional background. The development involved supplementing and editing an existing "Gamemode" which already had some core city infrastructure features but was heavily flawed. The tasks of the developers were to fix bugs, of which there were plenty, develop new factions, new banking systems, UI's, and rewrite a lot of the existing features to allow for a better player experience. This online multiplayer modification is based on Lua, a higher-level, scripting language. The development involved use of JavaScript, HTML5, CSS and C++ as well as various image and video editing software.


  • Development of new factions such as the "F.B.I., L.A.P.D., L.A. Police Academy, Towing, Industrial Manufacturing" as well as several criminal organizations.

  • Development of several jobs such as "Trucker job, Tram conductor, Waste collector and some more.

  • Development of several robbery and heist systems such as "Bank heists, Gas station robbery system, Casino heists" and some others.

  • At its peak (during the time I joined the administrative team) the server reached around 80+ users a day.

  • In total, we had over 10,000 registered users.

My Role:

As Project Co-Manager my roles ranged from minor software development and server maintenance to team and project management.

In my role as Co-Manager, I set up team meetings, employed team members (support staff, moderators, administrators, developers, etc.), managed financing, and completed administrative work. As a Software Developer in training, I did some server maintenance, database management, minor bug fixing, writing of some custom scripts, as well as working on a custom player "Bumper cars" event. In my administrative function, I managed the web forum, updating and re-writing most of the server rules and translating them to English, and managed some legal issues. Lastly, I took on some graphic design work, updating graphics, editing and creating images in Illustrator and Photoshop as well as working with Premiere for promotional material.

Learning outcomes:

This was the first project I ever partook in, I started as a player on the server at the age of 14 and eventually joined the team as support staff (answering user questions and helping people with bugs), as I grew up I took a growing interest in development and administration.

This project is very close to my heart, it provided me with a lot of structure and required me to abide by a set of rules at a young age. When I joined the administrative team in 2019, I started making an impact on our forum and eventually joined as Project Lead, managing the server. What started off as a silly game that I wasted most of my time with, turned out to be my first introduction to software development. I worked with individuals who had far more experience in server management and software development than I did, they introduced me to a lot of new concepts and made me want to pursue a career in Software Development.

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